This site is operated by Bill Huber and is focused on enabling those with vision impairment or blindness to interact much more effectively with the world around them through the use of the Apple iPhone using its VoiceOver feature.  

The iPhone Is a truly a life changing device for a blind person.  With it you can stay engaged in the world around you.  You no longer have to be isolated and alone, and because it is small and portable, it is always available.   Finally, You don’t have to be a computer genius to learn how to use it. That said, it will still take time and effort if you are to make full use of its many capabilities.   

VoiceOver is what changes an iPhone from something that is useless to a blind person to something that is truly revolutionary.  What exactly is VoiceOver? It is a feature built  into all iPhones, and when turned on changes the iPhone so that you interact with it based on hearing instead of sight. To the sighted person the i in iPhone usually refers to the internet.  To the blind or vision impaired person the i stands for independence.  Independent from  the need for sight, independence to interact with the word around you.  Independence. because you always have it available.

To quote Stevie Wonder

“The incredible thing about the technology that exists on the iPad, the iPod touches and the iPhone is one that makes it accessible to those who are blind….” Travis Smiley interview with Stevie Wonder, December 16, 2010 on the Travis Smiley Show on PBS. To hear the entire interview: Please click here

How do I get started? 

At first the idea of learning something revolutionary seems impossibly daunting.  The questions makes your head spin.  To alleviate this the process is broken down into manageable steps.  Initially a sighted person will be needed to get things properly set up.  Then they will start to work on transitioning away so that the vision impaired person can start to take control over the learning process with the goal of becoming independent.

Steps needed for the Blind or Vision impaired person to use the iPhone.

  1. a sighted person will set up the iPhone. This can be accomplished without the need for specialized skills. They will also set up an iPod shuffle.
  2. A sighted person will assist the person using the iPhone in learning the  specialized gestures that the VoiceOver iPhone uses to make it fully accessible.
  3. The blind or vision impaired person will use the iPod shuffle to learn the basics of how to use the iPhone effectively.

For information needed to follow these steps click here


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